Why is Tarifa the perfect winter destination?

Tarifa, now a famous household name in the kite, surf and hippie world. The southernmost tip of Europe is a real mecca for surfing & outdoor enthusiasts and a fantastic destination in winter! Below we will tell you why you should go to Tarifa this winter!

Cheap getaway!

One of the reasons why it is so popular is mainly the price / quality. Various low-cost airlines from all over Europe fly to Malaga and flight prices vary from €70 to €300 return depending on the period in which you travel. From the Netherlands, Transavia, Vueling, Ryanair and Easyjet fly directly to Malaga.
Rent a car, this is also possible from €5 / day! If you want a slightly larger car that you can drive with 2 people, including kite gear, you pay about €90 / week. We always recommend checking the best deal via www.carjet.com.
Accommodation, here you can make it as crazy as you want, there are several surf hostels where you can have a nice stay for € 15-20/night. You can also rent various apartments cheaply via Airbnb and there are also a number of chic hotels where you can also indulge if you like a little more luxury and comfort.
It is known that you can eat and drink deliciously in Spain! For about €10-35 / day you can enjoy a meal in the many good restaurants that Tarifa has to offer. All in all, you can say that you can spend a week in Tarifa for just €600 All inclusive.

Read more travel hacks and how to fly return for €100 in this blog.

Wonderful wind

There are 2 wind systems in Tarifa, the Poniente and the Levante. It is often the case that the wind blows Poniente for a few days, no wind for a few days and then Levante for a few days. These two wind systems alternate. So sometimes you have to be a bit lucky, if you are exactly between these two weather systems there is unfortunately no wind, but fortunately there are many other cool things to do! The poniente is a pleasant wind between 12 and 20 knots. Often side-onshore in front of the main beach in Tarifa Los Lances.
The Levante is a real wind for advanced riders. But what magic, the warm desert wind blows through the Strait of Gibraltar at 30 knots. For the high flyers among us, this is a real treat!

Many different kite spots

The great thing about Tarifa is that there are many kite spots, all within driving distance. From waves to flat water, there is something for everyone. However, most kite spots are really suitable for advanced kite surfers and less so for beginners, as almost all spots are immediately deep with waves and currents. An extensive travel story will soon be available online about all kite spots in Tarifa, keep us posted social closely monitor!

Lots to do, even if you don't kite!

Besides Tarifa being a surfing mecca, it is also a hot spot for outdoor & nature lovers. Beautiful hike and mountain bike trails are spread through the mountains of Tarifa. You can also spot whales, dolphins, take a day trip to Morocco, and almost all sports you can imagine can be done here.

Delicious food and drinks

Eating and drinking is really a celebration in Spain! The many restaurants and cafes are super cozy. There are a few great clubs in Tarifa where you can go out and a few lovely bars to have a beer and/or enjoy some tapas. There are also wonderful restaurants where you can go. The prices for eating out are about 30-40% cheaper than in the Netherlands, so count your profit 🙂
What are you still unsure about? Come join us! In February we will travel to Tarifa with a nice club of kiters to have a great kiting holiday. During these camps we show you all the kite spots in Tarifa, organize great activities when there is no wind and provide daily clinics so that you can make as much progress as possible!