Try something new and go on a wave surfing holiday

You have Kitesurfing, windsurfing and.. wave surfing! Wave surfing is something that everyone has known and dreamed of from an early age. There is enormous respect for the legends who surf the biggest waves in the world in Portugal and Hawaii. In the kite scene we of course know legends such as Robby Naish and Jesse Richman who conquer big waves with their kite and wave board.

During our kitesurfing holidays we often offer no wind activities such as wave surfing. Most kiters also take their wave surfing board with them during our downwinders in Brazil . There is nothing more beautiful than conquering kilometers of coast and waves with your board on the water and your kite as a tool to be on the right wave at the right time. We call this wave kiting and this is a huge branch within the sport of kitesurfing. With KiteActive we offer 2 trips that are ideal for learning wave kiting or just ripping waves endlessly!

To broaden your horizons, stay physically fit and be one with mother nature, we can definitely recommend that you give the sport of wave surfing a try!

A few reasons why surfing might be something for you!

  • For wave surfing you don’t need wind, you need waves. This is the reason that you can often do cool trips closer to home with a great certainty that you will still get your hours on the water, unlike kitesurfing where you are always dependent on the wind.
  • Furthermore, you need a lot less material, just a board that is suitable for your level, weight, height and you can get on the water!
  • You are ACTIVE ! Something that we as KiteActive naturally find great. With wave surfing you train a lot of muscles. You have to paddle really hard to be in the right place at the right time. But once you’re on the perfect wave, the feeling is magical! You will underestimate it, but sometimes it is quite a challenge to paddle through the surf. But one thing is certain, you will feel wonderfully satisfied after a day of activity in the outdoors!
  • While you are active you also relax. Waiting for the perfect wave, it sounds boring but nothing could be further from the truth! It is actually a lot of fun to all wait for the right wave. You will also completely relax after your active effort and go for the very best wave! If you succeed, the XTC is huge!
  • Another advantage is that you achieve success earlier with wave surfing compared to kite surfing. After a few hours you can already catch small waves, while with kitesurfing you need at least 9 hours to make your first meters
  • For both sports, it is much more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle! So you meet great people, you adjust your agenda to the conditions and you plan your holiday to your favorite surf destination!

Our friends from SurfaWhile

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