About Us

How did KiteActive come about?

Having the DNA of exploring, kitesurfing and playing with nature’s elements has always been the keyfactors, since the beginning.

KiteActive has started organizing kite & sailing trips along the Northern Dutch Islands. The combination of a week intens kitesurfing (lessons) and a week holiday in a place with the ingredients: wind, beach, water and a chill atmosphere turned out to be a good concept.

Our passion for traveling and kitesurfing has ensured that we have visited many kitespots in the world and are still looking for the best destinations to (learn to) kitesurf. Thanks to the experiences and enthusiasm of our instructors, KiteActive has continued to grow. In 2011 we expanded our destinations with Tarifa, Brazil and in 2012, Zanzibar. This was followed by many other unique destinations. Each location has its own advantages from low-budget to ultimate experience. But the thing that always remain the same with every holiday is the unique location, a good kite spot, relaxed atmosphere, active no-wind options and our experienced instructors who are always there for a good time.

Our mission

KiteActive’s mission is to give you the best kite/holiday. We offer kitesurfing lessons and clinics in the most beautiful places in the world. Thanks to our professional team of instructors, many locations have already been discovered and KiteActive has made a selection of the best destinations for you. By making competitive deals with accommodations at an early stage, you can always stay cheaply through us at the most beautiful locations directly or close to the beach. From 2015 onwards we started to focus on every kitesurfer, from beginner to advanced, from the adventurous kiter who wants to travel alone to someone who wants to join a fun group. KiteActive – By kitesurfers, for kitesurfers.

Why you should chose kiteactive?

because it is the best choice!


Secure booking & payment


Number 1 expert in kitesurfing trips


Service-oriented team


Only the very best kite spots


KiteActive was born in a Wadden week trip with Released


The first organized downwinders in Brazil


Start of your own guesthouse in Zanzibar


Expansion of Zanzibar guesthouse with 18 rooms and its own kite center on the beach


New website online and new trips. 10th anniversary is celebrated with a huge party!

Meet Our Team

A professional and passionate team, on the beach and behind the computer. We organize your kitesurfing trip down to the last detail! We look forward to meet you and to have a great holiday together!

Development 90%
Design 80%
Margeting 75%