Terms & Condition

Kiteactive Travel Conditions


If you make a booking with KiteActive™, this means that you agree to the terms and conditions of KiteActive™. It is therefore important that you read these conditions carefully before booking. In addition, KiteActive™ assumes that you have read the travel information & terms & conditions on the website.

Company Information

Name: KiteActive.com™
Address: Schans 12A
8531 DW in Lemmer
KVK: 72054670
VAT NUMBER: NL213042745B02
IBAN: NL14 REVO 2134 2780 48
Banks: Revolut

Tel: + 31 085 009 1325 (office NL)
Tel: +255 77 406 2222 (Zanzibar office)
E-mail: info@kiteactive.com


A cancellation must always be reported by e-mail within three days of the event why the trip must be canceled in whole (or in part). Please note that a cancellation is never free of charge. You are only entitled to a (partial) refund of the travel sum if you have taken out cancellation insurance and for a valid reason. KiteActive™ can only process a cancellation if it has been submitted by email by the lead booker. A fellow traveler is not jointly and severally liable and therefore cannot report a cancellation. KiteActive always tries to find a suitable solution, but can never be held liable for your cancellation.

Cancellation conditions:

  • You can do so up to 48 hours after booking free cancel (this is not the case if the departure of the trip is within 48 hours!!)
  • After 48 hours a minimum deposit is required 40% to confirm and guarantee your booking.
  • 30 days before departure: The remaining amount must be transferred before departure, after which we will apply 100% cancellation fee and unfortunately we can no longer refund money. If the remaining amount is not received 30 days before departure, this is possible the booking was canceled by us Service.


Images, maps and information are provided by partners, tourist offices and professional photographers. It may happen that photos of the accommodation do not match your booked room. KiteActive™ is used in many hotel rooms and accommodation places. KiteActive™ cannot be held liable for this. Any errors in a brochure, route, advertisement or any other publication will be corrected on the KiteActive™ website, so that you can always find the most current and correct information.


KiteActive™ needs your details to book a trip, request a brochure or become a member of the newsletter. Your data will be treated with care by KiteActive™. Your data will not be provided to third parties.


KiteActive™ works with fluctuating prices, which are based on supply and demand. As a result, it may sometimes happen that the trip you have booked is later offered cheaper or perhaps more expensive. In addition, we often work with last-minute offers and offers. This means that prices can fluctuate during the season. You can find the current prices at www.kiteactive.com.

Book And Pay

Once you have provided all information and agreed to the terms and conditions, KiteActive™ considers this a final booking. 48 hours after your booking, KiteActive has received a 40% deposit, otherwise we can still cancel the trip.

Travel Meditation

We are an intermediary for flights and other parts of the trip. We will mention these parts separately on the invoice and the same conditions of this organization apply.

Several And Several Liable

The person who books a trip is jointly and severally liable (also for the fellow travelers he/she registers with KiteActive™).

Booking Underages With Kiteactive™

By making the booking, the minor traveler declares that he has received permission from parents and/or guardians.


After drawing up the invoice, you can make changes up to 28 days before departure (provided the desired change is still possible). For each change, a €10 change fee will be charged plus any additional costs incurred as a result of the change.

Cancellation of a Trip By Kiteactive

Some trips require a minimum participation. This trip can still be canceled or moved up to a few days before departure. Keep this in mind!!


The down payment is 40% of the total travel sum. This amount must be paid immediately after booking. The costs of any cancellation insurance must also be paid immediately. The remaining amount must be received by KiteActive™ no later than 30 days before departure. If you book within 30 days before departure, you must transfer the total amount in one go. Are you not doing this on time? Then we can cancel your booking.

The Conditions For a Shared Room

If you book a shared room with us, you can stay in someone else’s room. Of course we make a distinction between ladies and gentlemen. Would you rather not share a room? Then book a single room! (at extra cost) or find a friend who wants to come along so you can share a room together.

Travel Papers

Once KiteActive™ has received full payment, we will send the travel documents by email approximately one week before departure. Here you will find all information regarding the trip. If you would like to receive your travel documents by post, a shipping fee of €15 will be charged. You must check the information on the (flight) tickets and vouchers for accuracy. If something does not match what you booked, you must contact KiteActive™ as soon as possible.

Travel Documents

It is prohibited to travel with an expired passport or identity card. In some countries your passport is still valid for a certain number of months. You have to find this out yourself. If you do not have Dutch nationality, you should always check with the embassy of the country you want to travel to whether you need a visa. It is always your own responsibility to have the correct travel documents. KiteActive™ cannot be held liable for this.

No Cooling-Down Period

We would like to point out that bookings you make via the internet are final. The so-called ‘cooling-off period’, which is referred to in the law as ‘distance purchasing’, does not apply to holiday trips that you book via the KiteActive™ website.


The participant of this trip is at all times liable for all damage caused by the participant to material, the organization, KiteActive™ as well as damage caused to third parties. The participant is also liable at all times for damage caused to the site or any vegetation or furniture present.

Participate At Your Own Risk

The participant is aware that there are risks involved when participating in the (kitesurfing) packages. Participation is entirely at your own risk. The participant declares that he agrees with this statement and that upon booking he cannot hold the organization liable for damage in any form whatsoever. Participation in (kitesurfing) packages can only take place if this statement has been signed or agreed to by each participant when booking. 

In addition, the participant also agrees that he/she waives his/her rights if that person suffer damage (physical/material/mental and everything else). No additional document needs to be signed for the declaration of indemnity, as this is stated here in the conditions and the participant confirms that he/she agrees to the conditions. The participant waives the right to sue/accuse/recover costs from the organization for anything that may happen during, before and after a trip (e.g., injury and damage (material, physical and mental) / delays during the trip / other participants / and everything else).

Exclusion From Participation In The Event of Misconduct

In the event of misconduct or failure to follow instructions from the organization, the participant can be excluded from further participation in the (kitesurfing) packages without a refund of the travel price. Misconduct is assessed by the organization.


Copyright 2011 KiteActive™. Nothing from the KiteActive™ website or brochure may be copied, reproduced and/or made public by means of printing, photocopying, microfilm or in any other way without the prior written permission of KiteActive™.

Dissatisfied Or Complaints

If you have any complaints about the trip or are dissatisfied with the accommodation, you must immediately report this to the KiteActive™ representative on site. Or contact our head office so that immediate action can be taken. When you get home it is often too late, so let us know in time if something is not going as it should.

Governing Law & Disputes

1. Dutch law applies to all offers, requests, orders and agreements from KiteActive, as well as to the execution of orders by KiteActive. 2. All disputes, including those that are only considered as such by one of the parties, arising from or related to the agreement to which these conditions apply.