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Dutch, English, German

Kite mecca Europe

Tarifa is not only known as the southernmost tip of Spain, but also as the kitesurfing mecca of Europe! Taste the Moroccan and Spanish influences in Tarifa. A perfect destination for your kite holiday close to home! This surfing paradise is located only 14 km from the African coast and is known as a place where the wind always blows. The nightlife in Tarifa is also fun with nice bars and delicious restaurants. Are you a real wave rider or do you like flat spots where you can stand knee deep anywhere? Do you want to get away cheaply this winter? Check in and check it out!

Dates 2025
25 January - 8 February
Level 2 is possible, Level 3 is better for this kitecamp!
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Early bird
Book before 15 november and get € 100 discount

follow the sun, wind, and waves with KiteActive

Tarifa is the ultimate kitesurfing destination, offering consistent winds and stunning beaches. Located at the southernmost tip of Spain, it boasts two main winds: the strong Levante, perfect for thrill-seekers, and the milder Poniente, ideal for beginners. Popular kitespots like Playa de Los Lances and Valdevaqueros cater to all skill levels with their expansive sandy shores and reliable winds. Beyond kitesurfing, Tarifa charms with its vibrant nightlife, delicious local cuisine, and a variety of other activities. For an unforgettable kitesurfing holiday combining adventure and culture, Tarifa is the place to be.


Meet the Poniente and Levante wind

Tarifa is located on the Strait of Gibraltar. Here it can sometimes be quite windy and we call this the Levante wind, which can reach 30-35 knots. Then we also have the Poniente wind that blows from the other direction and averages between 12-20 knots. Ideal for water starters and people who want to practice new tricks! The weather in our winter months in Tarifa is mild, around 20 degrees. Bring a T-shirt, sweater and wetsuit 🙂


variety of unique kitespots

Tarifa, a world famous kite spot. There are several kite spots in and around Tarifa. Los Lances is the beach before Tarifa and here is where the most kiting takes place. Then in the winter you have a beautiful lagoon that fills up and there are plenty of other spots we can drive to! Don’t forget the world spot Balnerio where all the pro kiters train for their mega loops!


If you are on the water with kiters of the same level, you always make more progression. You learn from each other and push yourself to learn new things! In this course you will be pushed and coached as much as possible to learn new tricks. With KiteActive you will spend a week in a perfect destination with people who also want to make progress. Hey ho, Let’s go! 🙂

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Learn new tricks and make progression

This is the ultimate package for anyone who can already kitesurf but wants to make progress and learn new tricks. From your very first jump to a kiteloop handle pass. Our team is ready to help you with the right tips and tricks to achieve your goals!

What to expect from this course

During the course we will look at what your personal goals are and what is feasible. We go through the theory together and during the week we try to push, coach and motivate you as much as possible to try new things in a safe way.


What can you learn?

The basics of pop
Learn how to pop. This is an very important skill which you need for your entire kite career!
Your first jump
You want to learn how to go skyhigh?
Back & Front roll
Make a salto in the air! You think it is difficult, but we will learn you this amazing trick in 1 week!
board grabs, onefooters and board-offs
Grab the board in front of the camera!
Your first kiteloop (downloop)
Fly like a rollercoaster
Your first downwinder
With a downwinder your are doing a kite tour along the coast!
Learn how to ride strapless / bottom turns / wave skills
Upgrade your skills in the waves
Get unhooked!
Learn how to do unhooked tricks like Raily, S-bend or maybe even a handle pass?


How many hours is this course?
We do not link exact hours to this package. We try to push everyone as much as possible and occasionally provide 1-on-1 guidance. The goal is to make as much progress as possible and during this course we will give you all the tools you need to continue practicing.
Is kitegear included in this package?
No, you need to bring your own kitegear or rent a complete set at € 399 / week
Am I insured?
You are not insured against damage through KiteActive. We recommend that you check your travel insurance carefully to see whether it also covers extreme sports. to avoid disappointment and hassle on holiday. We work together with Sportzeker and then you are always covered for everything!

Professional team


Headset coaching 


Get advice from travel expert AJ


Photo & Video proof / analysis

If you are on the water with kiters of the same level, you always make more progression. You learn from each other and push yourself to learn new things! In this course you will be pushed and coached as much as possible to learn new tricks. With KiteActive you will spend a week in a perfect destination with people who also want to make progress. Hey ho, Let’s go! 🙂

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Level up! There is still so much to learn

Do you want to improve in big air kiting? Going for that megaloop? Or do you really want to learn this sick handle pass? this course is also for waveriders who make are able to do long downwinders in challenging conditions and who want to learn to perform better in the waves.

What is there to learn

Long downwinders in challenging conditions
Like DEN TVTAS for example
Jump 10 meter +
Do you want to go skyhigh with us?
Unhooked tricks


Am i insured?
No not with us. You need to take care on your own travel insurance. If you want we can help you with finding the right one!
How many hours is this course?
No specific hours are attached to this course. From time to time we do 1 on 1 sessions and our team will do our best to learn you as much as possible during this week

Make progression in ideal conditions


Advice from our travel expert AJ


Headset coaching


Photo & Video proof / analysis

With us you can find the latest kite material. We have most brands available and we ensure that you are always on the water with the right size kite. Don’t feel like carrying all your materials with you? No problem!

A list of our brands: Core / Naish / F-one / North / Slingshot / Lieuwe / Appletree


  • You ensure that you indicate your correct level during your booking.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot control the wind. If you cannot complete your package you can settle the outstanding amount in various ways with us.- You can use the outstanding amount in our webshop on (kite) gear
    – You can use it for other KiteActive trips or give it as a gift card to friends
    – You can finish your package in 1 of our schools in Holland.
  • Check your insurance. If you need help with the right insurance please ask us for help! Not all insurance companies cover kitesurf material.
  • Participation in our packages is always at your own risk. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and although we will make sure you learn kitesurfing with us most safely, you always need to be aware of yourself and others.
  • Always listen well to the instructions from our team.

KiteActive Reisbureau
Based on 128 reviews
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A.M. GorterA.M. Gorter
10:08 31 May 24
In May 2024 we participated in Sailing & Kitesurfing on the Wadden Sea. Had booked alone and was certainly not the only one. What a nice diverse group of people. The organization immediately makes you feel welcome, has everything in order and knows how to throw a party.In the end we kited less than we had hoped due to wind strength and direction. But the atmosphere on the boat, the Wadden Islands and sailing across the Wadden Sea made it a great weekend!
Rens AppelsRens Appels
08:32 29 May 24
It was Wad N Party again last weekend! Well organised, good food, fun evenings and of course kiting!
Emma RietveldEmma Rietveld
07:10 29 May 24
Last weekend I went to the Wadden with Kite Active for the Sail & Kite trip. It was a wonderful weekend away. Skipper Roel welcomed us warmly on his boat and the vibe was very relaxed. We followed the wind all weekend to be able to kite. The guidance was great, the atmosphere was good, the food was delicious and the other kiters were very pleasant. Highly recommended!
FirstMate AppieFirstMate Appie
05:21 29 May 24
It was Wad N Party again last weekend! Well organised, good food, fun evenings and of course great kiting!
20:51 28 May 24
We went on a trip with KiteActive. It was fun. The boat left Franeker on Friday, but we were allowed to come and spend the night on Thursday. We went to Vlieland but there was no wind there. Luckily we had a ball and we could play volleyball. We also swam. Later there was some wind, but not enough. Then we went back to the boat for dinner, which was very tasty. And then in the evening we had a beer. Some took two or even three. At night the water gave light, it is called Zeevonk and was very beautiful. And then we went to sleep. The skipper had secretly sailed away. In the morning we came on deck and were near Terschelling, that was crazy. There was more wind, which was great, but it came from the wrong side. Fortunately, Felix knows a bus gentleman and the van arrived quickly. We went kite surfing on the northern beach. That was really difficult in the waves. Some could do better. Afterwards everyone was tired and we took a siesta. After dinner (yummy again) everyone was suddenly a pirate: it was a pirate party. There was also a smoke machine and DJ Thomas played poffertjes and crackers music. Then we went to the pub in pirate costumes. The other people thought that was strange, but we no longer did. On Sunday we sailed quietly back to Franeker. We went sailing, which was quiet because the engine was off. There were also two seals on board. One is called Ellie and the other is Skip. We also got pancakes in the afternoon. When we moored there was a heavy thunderstorm and everyone was wet. That wasn't a problem because everyone had a good time. I want to come again next time.
marc van der driftmarc van der drift
18:19 27 May 24
Amazing weekend, awesome crew, wicked people!!!
Willem SchinkelshoekWillem Schinkelshoek
22:24 24 Jan 24
We have now been with Kite Active 9 times: Brazil, Greece, Sardinia, Sicily and Dakhla Morocco. Excellent kite spots, nice mix of enthusiastic kiters of various ages. Ideal for the novice & more experienced kiter with always great guidance. 🤟Recommended 👍
Cobie HarkemaCobie Harkema
12:09 02 Jan 24
Had a great time in brasiel good organised super nice guids.see you next time.
ilse de vriesilse de vries
10:26 11 Dec 23
Great travel experiences with Kiteactive!Learn big tricks in Tarifa, sail and kite during the Wadden weekend and downwind twice in Brazil!Always enthusiastic and relaxed travel guidance! Meeting nice new people with the same enthusiasm for kiting, great parties and nice places to stay. Highly recommended!
Ann DSAnn DS
18:15 07 Dec 23
Our first trip with KiteActive was an immediate success. Well organized and an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Roderick and team!Ann, Pé and kids
Rich AmosRich Amos
19:59 26 Feb 23
Just got back from a week in Tarifa with the KiteActive gang - what a brilliant week, we had wind pretty much every day, stayed in the excellent Wild House hostel, lovely group of humans ("my beautifuuul people!" as Henny would say) and Hilke and Cher were amazing group hosts!
Jan Willem MarkvoortJan Willem Markvoort
13:09 08 Oct 22
I joined KiteActive on the TV TAS 2022 downwinder. For me it was a long lasting dream to kite along the wadden islands and the trip really was a mindblowing experience. Now a week later, I still feel stoked!KiteActive managed to organise the trip in a safe way by having a large team of pro-kiters on the water who were able to perform rescues in case of any emergency, a RIB with an experienced crew who looked after us during the crossings and safeTRX watches which could be used to alert the coast guard.The downwinder lasted only 2 days, but it felt like a complete holiday. Kiting in between groups of hunderds of seals, while having a full rainbow on the background in the direction we were sailing, just sketching one of the pictures in my mind which will never fade away. Flat water spots, nice waves to play in, 4m swell during crossings, a nice combination of all sort of conditions. A trip of a lifetime.A big thanks for the KiteActive team, looking forward to the 2023 edition!
Wim GertenaarWim Gertenaar
17:44 04 Oct 22
In 21 years of kiting this was by far my best Kite Experience ever. Riding out the TVTAS-downwinder was a huge challenge which I was Able to complete thanks to the Kiteactive team. Always making sure of our safety in very challenging conditions. 4m High Waves and very Strong currents were but of a few conditionaliteit to mention. But Above all their carefull planning and Knowledge of the North Sea and currents made for a safe yet exhilarating kiteadventure. A true challenge for kiteboard-experts only.Thanx Kiteactive-team. I had an awesome time.
14:05 03 Oct 22
Last weekend I did with Kite active the most ultimate downwinder of the Netherlands, which is TV TAS. With this downwinder you pass by all 5 wadden Islands, which are Texel, Vlieland Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermoniksoog. The downwinder was actually even longer, because we started from the mainland of the Netherlands, at Den Helder instead from Texel. Even though it's a 2 days kitesurf trip, it's been the best kitesurf trip for me so far. The thrill of passing all the wadden islands which is world heritage UNESCO, is a undescribable experience. The trip itself was very good organised bij the people from Kite active. They are very experienced kitesurfers, and they know the area very well. They are very friendly, give good briefings, and this not only at the start, but also at several other locations where necessary. Alse the hotel on Terschelling was very nice. The boat trip back, and the bus back to Den Helder was perfect organised.Be aware to be an experienced kitesurfer. Don't under estimate it, it's great if you're an advanced kitesurfer with enough experience to kite in big waves on sea. Despite the advanced level of all kiters in the group, we had to wear a Safetrx whatch for our safety. Which really made this trip possible and safe.
Nick De BruijnNick De Bruijn
09:14 13 Nov 19
We had an amazing time with Kite Active down winding in Brazil. They manage a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a professional and save organisation to back it up. 0% stress, 100% kiting. Awesome week guys, see you again 😃next year!


  • Amazing kitesurf conditions
  • 100% Fun guaranteed
  • Progression guaranteed
  • Optional cultural activities

We organize the perfect kitesurfing holiday according to the Hakuna Matata principle, what 'No stress' means in Afrikaans 🙂 See below what is included in this trip and what you can add to optimally tailor your trip to what you want to achieve!
Level 2 – Waterstart
v.a. € 649 / week
  • IconIs dit pakket wel geschikt voor mij?
  • IconRefresh course, theory, safety etc.
  • IconSupervision and coaching so you can practise on yourself
  • IconAccommodation in our Wildhouse with breakfast
  • Icondaily yoga stretch sessions
  • Iconkite storage / spot guidance and local knowledge
  • Iconjoin the kite community, photo proof & 100% fun!
v.a. € 899 / 14 days
  • IconIs dit pakket wel geschikt voor mij?
  • IconOpfriscursus, theorie en veiligheid
  • Icon Supervisie, tips en clinics zodat. je veilig zelfstandig kunt oefenen.
  • IconAccommodation in our Wildhouse with breakfast
  • Icondaily yoga stretch sessions
  • Iconkitecenter faciliteiten & spot use
  • Icon gezelligheid, fotos & fun!
Level 3-4 – Independend / Advanced
from € 399 / week
  • IconIs this level for me?
  • IconCoaching and trick clinics. Make progression!
  • IconAccommodation in our Wildhouse with breakfast
  • Iconkite storage and spot guidance and local knowledge
  • Icondaily yoga stretch sessions
  • Iconjoin the KA community, photo proof & fun!
  • IconDownwinders and jump / kiteloop clinics
from € 599
  • IconDo I have the right level?
  • Icon coaching, trickclinics and progression!
  • IconAccommodation in our Wildhouse with breakfast
  • Icondaily yoga stretch sessions
  • Iconkite storage and spot guidance and local knowledge
  • Icondownwinders en jump / kiteloop clinics
  • IconJoin the kite Community, photoproof & 100% fun!

Practical Information

Not Included

  • Your flight to Malaga, Jerez or Sevilla.
  • Car rental, You need a car in Tarifa! You can rent together with other travellers to safe some money!
  • Optional: kite lesson packages
  • Optional activities
  • Extra costs for private room
  • Kite gear rental after lessons
  • Kite- and travel insurance

What do you still have to arrange?

  • Fix your flights ( we can help)
  • Fix your car (rental)
  • Join the groupchat to stay updated

Pack your bags with

  • Wetsuit 5/3 and a shorty
  • Kite gear if you haven’t booked anything online
  • Beachwear
  • Sunglasses (preferably also for the water)
  • Waterproof sunscreen high in SPF
  • Cap for kitesurfing
  • Warm clothes during the evenings
  • Clothing for all weather types
  • Games and fun activities when there is no wind.



Tour's Location


What lesson package should I chose?

Send us an e-mail or contact us via chat and leave your phone number and we will give you extensive advice!

How is the group?

Our groups can vary from young to old, and are often evenly distributed with both men and women. The group usually consists of ages between 20 and 45, with exceptions of course. We teach beginners and give tips to advanced kitesurfers, so you can expect every level from us. We also often offer group activities that you can participate in without obligation. On some trips you may share a large room with other KiteActive guests, but this will be indicated. You can often contact us in advance via our Facebook events or see via the WhatsApp group which people will be present on the trip.

Do you also arrange flights?

Unfortunately not. But we will give you the best advice to make sure you book the correct flight tickets.

For which level?

For all levels! From beginner to advanced, you can enjoy and train on this lagoon.

How is the wind? What kite material is needed?

Normally the wind blows 13 to 30 knots so the golden rule bring all sizes of kites!

Can I easily bring a boardbag

Yes! Royal Air Maroc gives you the chance to bring your boardbag of 23kg for free.

What to Expect from a Kitecamp with Kiteactive in Tarifa

Join a Kiteactive kitecamp in Tarifa for an unforgettable kitesurfing adventure. Here’s what you can look forward to:
  • Expert Instruction: Personalized coaching from experienced instructors to help you progress, whether you're a beginner or advanced kitesurfer.
  • Top-Notch Equipment: Access to the latest kitesurfing gear, ensuring a top-quality experience on the water.
  • Prime Kitesurfing Spots: Explore world-class spots like Playa de Los Lances and Valdevaqueros with ideal wind conditions.
  • Community and Camaraderie: Meet fellow kitesurfers from around the world, sharing experiences, tips, and socializing at group dinners and beach bonfires.
  • Comfortable Accommodation: Stay close to the kitespots in cozy hostels or beachfront apartments, with amenities like Wi-Fi and gear storage.
  • Additional Activities: Enjoy yoga sessions, guided tours of Tarifa, and other fun activities when you're not on the water.
  • Memorable Experiences: Create unforgettable memories, from catching your first wave to exploring stunning landscapes.
Join Kiteactive in Tarifa for a kitecamp that combines expert instruction, prime kitesurfing conditions, and a vibrant community in one of Europe’s most beautiful coastal towns.


Annemaj Muiser

Photographer & Instructor

6 years kite experience

I love shooting pictures and teaching other people our amazing sport. I will make sure you have the perfect kite picture at the end of the week :)

Top Destination
6 years

Felix Maks

Camp manager & Instructor

16 years kite experience

After competing in the world tour I decided that I wanted to share my passion with other people. Now we travel the world and enjoy the ride!

Favoriete Bestemming
Zanzibar and the Dutch islands
16 years

Leon ”the machine”

Instructor / Coach

10 years kite experience

In the summer I have my own kiteschool the Spot on Ameland. In the winter I travel the world with KiteActive!

Favoriete Bestemming

Joeri ”the Chef”


4 years kite experience

In the summer I work in a foodtruck on festivals and in the winter I cruise around in my Van and try to kite as much as possible!

Favoriete Bestemming

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