Level 3 - Independend

Join us and learn your first jump, kiteloop or backroll!

If you are on the water with several people of the same level, you always make more progress. You learn from each other and push yourself to learn new things! In this course you will be triggered and coached as much as possible to learn new tricks. With us, you will spend a week in a perfect destination with people who also want to make progress. Hey ho, let’s go! 🙂

Photo & Video proof / analysis

Coaching with headset

The Course

Learn new tricks and make progress!

This is the ultimate package for anyone who can already kitesurf but wants to make progress and learn new tricks. From your very first jump to a kiteloop handle pass. Our team is ready to help you with the right tips and tricks to achieve your goals!

€ 65 for daily coaching & supervision of our team for 6 days! Please note: this is excluding equipment rental

€ 399 surcharge if you want to rent a complete set of kite material for 6 days.

what are you learning?

And what does your course look like?

During the course we will look at what your personal goals are and what is feasible. We go through the theory together and during the week we try to push, coach and motivate you as much as possible to try new things in a safe way.

Structure of the course

You can already do this

Make sure you perform excellent waterstarts.

You need to be able to ride upwind

Do you know how all your safety works? How you rescue your board when you loose it? Are you independend?

You will learn this

The most important skill if you want to practise tricks

Learn how to rig the kite, learn all about your material, bar extensions, line lengths, different systems, kite types, etc.
Perhaps the most important thing during your course. Learn to independently take off and land safely on the beach.
Various safety systems are explained, emergency situations are discussed and a step-by-step plan is drawn up so that you can save yourself and get to safety at any time.
What about priority rules? What about the weather? With what wind force do you use which size kite? What should you take into account? Enough to discuss during our joint theory

Fly like a rollercoaster


We do not link exact hours to this package. We try to push everyone as much as possible and occasionally provide 1-on-1 guidance. The goal is to make as much progress as possible and during this course we will give you all the tools you need to continue practicing.
A complete kite set of the latest material costs € 299 / week
Via KiteActive you are cannot insured against damage.
We recommend that you check your travel insurance carefully to see whether it also covers extreme sports. to avoid disappointment and hassle on holiday. We work together with Sportzeker and then you are always covered for everything!
If our team sees that you are not at the correct level for this course, you will be rebooked to Level 1 or Level 0 during your holiday based on availability. Any additional costs for a more expensive course will be charged.

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