Level 1 - beginner

This is the perfect package if you have never kited before or if it has been far too long. Kitesurfing is not a sport that you can just learn in an afternoon. That’s why our trips are perfect! You are at a perfect destination for a week with people who also want to learn and perfect conditions. Hey ho, let’s go! 🙂

Guidance via headset for optimal coaching

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Enthusiastic, certified instructors with more than 10 years of kite experience!


The Course

Designed for beginners

This beginners package is the ideal start to your kitesurfing career. We will help you get started and ensure that you can get on the water independently as a real kiter under good conditions, safely and with great pleasure. A complete kite training in 1 week from 0 to HERO!

€450 for 9 hours lesson from our professional team. After that you are able to practice independently with another beginner for the rest of the week with our kite material. A complete package including kite lessons, equipment rental, supervision and coaching for 7 days!


what are you learning?

And what does your course look like?

After this week you are able to get in the water independently with your own kite set. For your optimal progression, we teach with 1 instructor for a maximum of 2 students. You share a kite set together for the entire week so that you can help each other and learn from each other. Kitesurfing is quite intensive, especially in the beginning and it is nice to be on the water together. You will receive lessons from our certified top instructors! In your own language and from real kite professionals who have always been active in kite sports for more than 10 years!


Structure of the course

9 hours in total, 2 students, 1 instructor, 1 kite set

Learn how to rig the kite, learn all about your material, bar extensions, line lengths, different systems, kite types, etc.
Perhaps the most important thing during your course. Learn to independently take off and land safely on the beach.
Various safety systems are explained, emergency situations are discussed and a step-by-step plan is drawn up so that you can save yourself and get to safety at any time.
What about priority rules? What about the weather? With what wind force do you use which size kite? What should you take into account? Enough to discuss during our joint theory
You can’t practice enough with this, 80% of kitesurfing is kite control and a lot of attention is paid to this during the course
What happens if you lose your board? Then you can safely reach your board or the shore by upwind body dragging. It is also good training to be able to fly your kite with one hand.
Get to know the power zone and steer the kite through the entire wind window to generate as much power as possible. A really fun exercise!
It is easy to relaunch your kite in strong winds, but can you also manage with less wind?
Every kite spot is different, every forecast is different. We teach you what to pay attention to if you want to go kiting yourself.
If everything else goes well, we have finally arrived at the water start! We’re trying to get you on the board.
Towards the end of the course, a lot of attention is paid to independence. We sometimes let you practice yourself (together with the other student) so that you can help each other and practice independently.
Is everything going well? Of course, we will occasionally visit you after the course and provide supervision. We also give you tips and tricks when we see that you have arrived at a bend or altitude walk!


You will continue practicing independently with another kiter. The wind often blows all day at our destinations, so there is plenty of time for everyone to spend hours on the water.
In principle, our packages are always such that you share your kite with someone in the beginning. Why? You can help each other a lot in the beginning and learn from each other. This saves you expensive lesson hours as you are often not completely independent after 9 hours. If we see that you go faster than the rest and there happens to be an extra kite set left, we are not the most difficult and you can use ours! In any case, we do our best to send everyone onto the water as much as possible.
Do you still want one after those 9 hours? own kite set and does your instructor agree that you can handle this in terms of level? Then you can get your own kite set for an additional €30/day
We may then reassign you to someone of the same level. Depending on the group, we can also decide that you get your own kite. This may incur additional costs.
Do you listen to your instructor’s instructions during our kite lesson? And does a kite break during the lesson? Then you are insured against this.
Are you not listening to our instructor? For example, the instructor tells you an area where you have to stay and you keep moving on because you (quite understandably) like it so much? Then you are not insured if you break a kite.
We recommend that you check your travel insurance carefully to see whether it also covers extreme sports. to avoid disappointment and hassle on holiday. We work together with Sportzeker and then you are always covered for everything!
In principle yes, if the instructor assesses that the conditions are good enough for your level, you can grab and test all sizes of the latest material.
One person picks it up faster than the other and that is really no problem at all. If we see that you need extra lessons after the 1 hours, our instructor will take you aside and discuss with you how many hours he thinks you still need. Depending on whether other people in the group need extra lessons, the extra costs are: €9/hour for private lessons and €60/hour for shared lessons. You can also decide to exchange your rental for the rest of the week for 35 hours of extra lessons so that it does not cost you anything extra that week.

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