Level 1 – waterstart



This is the perfect package if you have already had a kite course, but it has been a long time and you need to be refreshed. Or you are not yet completely familiar and need an extra eye on things. Kitesurfing is not a sport that you can just learn in an afternoon. That’s why our trips are perfect! You are at a perfect destination for a week with people who also want to learn and perfect conditions. Count your winnings🙂

Enthusiastic, certified instructors with more than 10 years of kite experience!


Guidance via headset for optimal coaching

Minimum requirement: Being able to sail upwind completely independently. No problems with starting and landing your kite.

Ask for advice from our travel and lesson advisor AJ!

the course
lots of practice with guidance & supervision


This intermediate package is the ideal start to your kitesurfing career. We will help you get started and ensure that you can get on the water independently as a real kiter under good conditions, safely and with great pleasure. A complete kite training in 1 week from 0 to hero!

€99 for daily coaching & supervision from our team for 6 days ! Please note: this does not include equipment rental

€299 surcharge if you want to rent a complete set of kite equipment for 6 days.

what are you learning?
and what does your course look like?


After this week you can go on the water independently with your own kite set and the goal is that you can sail upwind so that you no longer have to walk! Our instructors ensure that you are in the right place with the right conditions, help you with tips and tricks, coach you and keep an eye on things while you are practicing.