Kitesurf travel guide Sicily – Marsala / La stagnone

We have been traveling with  KiteActive  through Europe in the summer for a number of years in search of the very best kite spots. We have been organizing kite camps to Sicily since 2021. A fantastic holiday island for everyone who loves sun, good food and wind!

Make no mistake, the island of Sicily is huge and you can’t just drive through it. For kitesurfing you should mainly be in the west of the island. The wind is optimal here and the most beautiful kite spots can be found here. The kite spots are located near the Italian town of Marsala.

Which kite spots should I see when I go on a kite holiday to Sicily?

Sicily is a fantastic kitesurfing paradise for every level. Below we will discuss a few of the best kite spots one by one:

The Stagnone

A beautiful kite spot that has grown enormously in recent years. What do you want, with a gigantic lagoon and 300 days of wind a year? Thanks to the wonderful climate, we enjoy a very long season here! Lo Stagnone is a gigantic lagoon (this means that it is completely surrounded by land, making the water flat) where everyone always has enough space and where you can stand almost anywhere. The mirror-flat water ensures that this is a kitesurfing paradise for both the advanced kiter who wants to train new tricks and for the complete beginner who still has to learn the sport.

Because you can stand anywhere, the kite spot is also very safe and you do not need a rescue boat here. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you crash, that you can just walk back to your board through knee deep water? It is also easier to walk back through the water and this way you will be independent much sooner and you will learn kitesurfing faster at this kite spot than at other spots. This will save you valuable hours of kite lessons!

The wave spot

About a 15-minute drive from our hotel is a nice wave spot, not huge waves but fun to improve your strapless skills.



At the mouth of the lagoon you have an incredibly beautiful spot, mirror-flat azure blue water and a snow-white beach. The locals call this paradise and you can’t get there that easily, because you have to kite there! It is often a bit quieter at this spot and it is not ideal for beginners because the wind is offshore and it is immediately deep.


You can do some nice kiting trips over the lagoon and around the island. We will organize this a number of times during our kite camps. On average you are around 15 km downwind. However, your level must be good and you must rely on your own skills. KiteActive always provides guidance, but in many places you cannot get out and so you have to rely on your own level.

What about the wind and wind direction?
In the summer months from the end of May you can expect thermal wind at the kite spot. On average the wind blows between 12 and sometimes up to 30 knots! So don’t forget to bring all your kite sizes!! The best wind months are from May to the end of September, where you can enjoy kitesurfing on average 5 out of 7 days.
Because the lagoon is so large, it does not matter much which direction the wind comes from. You have 2 types of wind, the mistral that comes from the north and the Sirroco that comes from the south.

Fun fact: Did you know that you can snowkite on the Etna volcano in winter? Please contact us if you would like more information about this unique experience!



When should I go on a kitesurfing holiday to Sicily?


The season starts in March with temperatures around 20 C and continues until the end of October. The spot and atmosphere can be compared to Tarifa – kitesurf Mecca of Europe.
You can leave your wetsuit at home! The water temperature is wonderful and it is better to invest in lycra to protect you from the sun. TIP : For ladies, long lycra leggings are useful, in the summer you have a certain type of seaweed that can sometimes feel like a nettle. Men do not suffer from this because of their hairy legs🙂

Do you want to go on a kitesurfing holiday to Sicily?

Check out our cool kite camps this summer! Are you a complete beginner and would you like to embark on a new adventure? Then we recommend Sicily and we are happy to help you find the right lesson package . Read reviews from other beginners who have been with us here!