How do I maintain my kitegear?

We often get questions about how best to maintain my kite. One of the questions is whether the kite should be rinsed after use in salt water.

To immediately distinguish between salt and fresh water, it is important to know what happens in both.

Salt water will preserve after some time, which means it will not mold. Fresh water, on the other hand, will start to mold, which is also called getting it back in. From this you can conclude that it is better to leave your kite in the kite bag with salt than fresh water.

Example : You went kiting on the North Sea. After kiting, let your kite dry on the beach and then go home. At home, you may find it a good idea to rinse your kite and then let it dry. Because you’re going out for dinner that evening, you don’t store your kite completely dry yet.

You now feel like you have maintained your kite well, but in theory it may be that your kite now gets the chance to completely cover itself with fungus for a week when it is damp. Now this won’t be too bad for just a week, but you can understand that if you put away your kite you are never quite sure when you will pick it up again.


To properly maintain your kite, it is very important that you store it dry. This will ensure that your kite never gets moldy. If it is the case that you cannot put your kite away dry, it is less harmful with salt water than fresh.

If you put the kite away wet, make sure that you do not close the kite bag completely. It would be even better if you lay out the kite so that it can dry quietly.

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