Become a kitesurfing professional

Become a kitesurfing professional

“Making your hobby your job” sounds like music to your ears. And which hobby could do that in this case? Kitesurfing of course! Can you think of a better way to earn money than kitesurfing? Exactly, and that is why we have written a basic plan for you on what you can do to become a real kitesurfing pro as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Working a lot of hours.

To become really good, the simplest way is of course to do it a lot. There is a rule that says that you need 10.000 hours of sports to be able to do this sport professionally. Calculate that in days and you will soon find out that you still have to continue training even in the winter.

Step 2: Find a slightly better training buddy.

If you really want to become a pro, you have to get the most out of it.
With kitesurfing this can often mean that you have to do something that can be quite exciting for the first time. That is why it can be of great value to have a kiter who is just as motivated as yourself as a training buddy. So that you can motivate each other and, above all, challenge each other to bring out the best in each other.
For example, I once overcame my fear of kite walking by not being allowed to leave the water until I had drawn a thick loop.

Step 3: Find (holiday) work where you can combine kiting well.

You can of course also earn money with kitesurfing if you are not yet a pro. The big advantage of this is that you already have a lot of experience with kiting. For example, consider a job at a kitesurfing school. This way you can learn a lot about the sport and perhaps even borrow equipment.

Step 4: Make sure you have a well-maintained social media platform that is as large as possible.

To attract the attention of brands that may want to sponsor you, it is always good to be active on social media.
This makes it even more attractive for brands to possibly sponsor you.

Step 5: Obtaining a sponsor.

Kitesurfing is certainly not a cheap sport. That is why it is not for everyone. In order to always be able to keep up with the ever-innovating market of kitesurfing equipment, it is a very nice bonus to be sponsored.
But how do you get a sponsor? Of course you have to be talented enough to get sponsored. But a sponsor is not always just looking for talent. Brands want brand awareness, which is why a good ambassador sometimes speaks much more to the brand than the best talent.
So if you do get a sponsor, be careful with it and try to radiate as much brand pride as possible.

Step 6: Try to become a team rider somewhere.

To become the best possible kitesurfer, it is important that you train a lot and in as many places as possible. As a team rider you often get this opportunity.
For example, look at teamriders from major kitesurfing brands. They often travel around the world with other pros.
Also with KiteActive can you team rider become. Because the organization travels to many different places, there are opportunities to travel as a team rider and thus receive a lot of training.

Step 7: Participate in as many competitions as possible.

When it feels good to start competing, it is best to do so as soon as possible. A kiting competition is very different from a normal kiting session.
You also want to put yourself in the spotlight, possibly for a sponsor or possibly just to be more visible.
We hope that our tips will ensure that you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a kitesurfing pro. If you want more tips or perhaps even become a KiteActive team rider. Then take contact with us!