2024, it's on!🏄‍♂️✨

With 2 fantastic events planned again: Den TV-TAS and the IJsselmeer crossing. Because there is a lot of interest in both tours, here is an official press release so that you can prepare yourself as best as possible and how you can ensure that you are there this year.
In the course of next week we will announce who is on the next starting list. This year we will again work with the same system where the registration date is important, you must pass our screening and be put on ‘Green’ by the KiteActive team. 🙂

What level do you have to meet for Den TV-TAS?

You can handle a long downwinder (60km+), you have made several downwinders and regularly kitesurf at 25+ knots on the North Sea.
We are looking for people with the right level. That is why you first go through a screening with us if you have not yet been on one of our trips. If you want to participate, you must be able to provide one of the following items after your reservation:
  • Finish proof from Hoek to Helder
  • You have been on one of our trips and someone from our team confirms the correct level
  • Via a well-known app (eg, Strava / Garmin / Polar) a track record of a long downwinder of more than 60 km in 25+ knots
  • A track record of a jump of more than 8 meters high via one of the well-known apps
  • You give the correct answer to our questions that we ask the participants

What you must be able to confirm at all times:

  1. Is that your equipment is in order (not old, worn-out equipment, if we see this before departure we will not take you with us)
  2. You declare to us that you are fit and regularly exercises and has a good basic condition to successfully complete this trip

TV bag updates this year 2024

There are a few adjustments we will be adding to this year’s tour
  • The biggest adjustment is that this year we also want to hold the tour during the week, so there is a much better chance of multiple editions this year!
  • Stricter checks on level, a questionnaire is sent to everyone in which your level is tested. Finish proof from corner to bright alone is not enough this year! You really have to convince us.
  • All participants must be able to show a KNRM membership number to show our support for our rescuers in need!
  • You can also raise more money for this charity.
  • During each downwinder, 3 wildcards are given away. Keep an eye on our socials to see how you can qualify for this!!

If I register now, when can I join?

For this season there are currently approx. 160 people on the starting list. Of those 160 people, there are now +- 70 people with the level status: Green. Then you have to assume that many people always drop out at the last minute, because other things are more important in their agenda?!?! Last year we were able to make 2 TV-TAS downwinders, and this year there will probably be more because from now on we will also run the trip during the week, which means that you can still register.
Next week, February 14, the next participant lists will be announced and the next participants will receive an email. You will also receive an email if you are on Standby (there is a good chance that you will be able to join the next tour!!)

How can I best prepare?

Read the stories of the past downwinders to prepare yourself well: the story of Den TV-TAS
Make sure you are fit! Try to take all the kite sessions you can and make a downwind regularly. Don’t forget to take challenging conditions on the North Sea (30+ knots). In addition, it also helps if you have a good basic condition.
Make sure your materials are in perfect order. We do not take old kites in poor condition on this trip. You really have to rely on your material for many parts. Make sure your lines are checked, your binding & fin screws are tightened. You must be able to trust your material blindly. Before departure, your equipment will be checked by our team. If it is not in good condition, you will be refused entry to the tour and you will lose your registration fee.
Check the conditions of the tour.Make sure you are not faced with any surprises!
What else do you need for the tour?
  • Waterproof (TV) Bag
  • Waterproof case for your mobile
  • Safe TRX watch (optional and available for rent and purchase from us)
  • Impact vest (available for rent or purchase)
  • Food and drinks on the go (energy bars)
Furthermore, we are of course very much looking forward to it!! Let’s hope for a few nice weekends with a lovely NW or SE wind! The great wait has begun! If you have any questions, you can always contact info@kiteactive.com and to register for this unique tour you must complete this form .
To the water,
and the rest of the KiteActive team